Campari Group

We have worked to support the Campari Group in the creation of a project aimed at communicating the Group’s desire to operate according to environmental responsibility criteria, with additional work undertaken with regards to event planning. The result is a unique visual identity, easily disclosed and of high added value that is accompanied by a set of guidelines designed to enhance the brand and its commitment. We help brands to create zero impact events.
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We have conducted detailed analysis of the businesses current state in order to draft guidelines that allow to create events increasingly sustainable. Valuable content dedicated to all stakeholders, which we have expressed in a dynamic brochure with a highly editorial style, enhanced by lively and expressive artwork and illustrations, in line with the visual and historical identity of the brand.


Inspired by the illustrated cover, we have embellished the Brochure with a set of icons and visual elements specially designed, with the intent of facilitating a dynamic reading experience of the Document.