Cimbali Group

We have worked to support Cimbali Group, a leading Italian company in the coffee machine sector, in the creation of their 2022 Sustainability Report. A project associated with a highly editorial style, which emphasises the Group’s commitment and its vision of a sustainable future through engaging and impactful storytelling.


“OUR BLEND FOR THE FUTURE” is the concept that helped to guide the creation and storytelling elements, as well as the visual system portrayed. A playful and evocative naming, which integrates the identity of Cimbali Group through a key terminology used within the coffee and domestic sectors, while evoking a vision to a more responsible future, that is, the perfect mix of three ingredients: people, product, and planet. The concept has been subsequently expressed in the headline and storytelling of the opening sections, creating a memorable and compelling narrative.

Starting with the beautifully illustrated cover, the graphic content of the Report was subsequently developed and inspired by the image of a landscape, a metaphor of a vision to the future, which takes shape and flourishes through the unmistakable Cimbali’s blend. The graphic design was created with the aim of making the document visually engaging and stimulating: the different shades of red, as well as the highly stylised look and feel, give the Report a strong emotional component, invoking a three-dimension perception. The introduction of figures who interact with the environment and the product, helps to enrich the project with a touch of authenticity.

ICON SET and visual identity

The graphic design of the Report has been curated meticulously, starting from the ad-hoc creation of the artwork and icon set. The choice of the Document’s colour palette is inspired by the illustrated cover A distinctive element to differentiate each chapter and to ensure a fluid and coherent reading experience.

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