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Since 2015 Claudio has been responsible of corporate communication projects for Investor Relations, CSR and Internal Communication, with a portfolio of over 30 clients. In 2020, thanks to the valuable experience gained and the great ambition to be able to bring even more value and innovation to corporate communication, he decided to undertake a new entrepreneurial adventure and, together with Julian Danelutti, founded Common.

Claudio Accardi


Since 2015 Julian has held the role of Sales Account Manager, supporting Claudio Accardi in new business activities and the management of customer relations, as well as promoting the structural and commercial growth of Serviflab. In 2020, the professional bond with Claudio was consolidated and together they decided to found Common, with the aim of establishing a creative agency highly specialised in corporate communication, sustainability and financial storytelling.

Julian Danelutti


A communication consultant with twenty years’ experience in the management of corporate communication and digital transformation projects. As Client Director, he supports international brands with their omni-channel strategies by redefining and optimising the operating model and business processes, services and dynamics.

Alessio Petracchi


Gianmarco’s professional career journey began in 2017 within the field of Audit and Assurance, of PricewaterhouseCoopers network. Since 2019, Gianmarco has concentrated his focus to the field of sustainability reporting, working as a consultant for ALTIS, the Graduate School of Sustainable Management of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan. Due to Gianmarco’s ability to operate at the highest level and to his involvement and experienced gained within the – university spin-off – ALTIS Advisory, he has been able to gain a depth of experience in the drafting of sustainability reports and the development of strategic plans both for large companies and SMEs. In 2024 we welcomed him to the Common team.

Gianmarco Pino


Strategist and Project Manager in the field of communication, with a strong propensity towards digital and innovation. An expert in multi-disciplinary projects and the management of multi-sector businesses for over 10 years. He is accustomed to working on complex projects and dealing with challenges in a proactive and practical way, grasping the nuances and connections between the different components of a project. In 2022 he joined the Common team to support the development and innovation of the area dedicated to digital print projects.

Corrado Carbè


Since 2016 Luciana has been responsible of corporate communication projects and coordinating the various work teams. In 2020, thanks to the valuable know-how acquired and passion for the world of business communication, she joined Common as Project Manager. Today, she is the strategic point of reference for every project, working as an intermediary between clients and suppliers and efficiently supervising work activities.

Luciana Sacchi


Since 2014 Gaia has been responsible of corporate communication projects with a focus on sustainability and Investor Relations. Thanks to the expertise acquired and a strong inclination towards management and organisation activities, in 2020 Gaia joined Common as the Client Manager, leading the Project Management team with passion.

Gaia De Musso


A graphic designer with over 10 years’ experience in the visual communication field, Florencia is based in Milan but originally comes from Argentina. Passionate about creative contents, illustration and art, she specialises in Brand and Corporate Identity. She joined the Common creative team in 2023.

Florencia Claut


Since 2010 Mauro has worked on business communication and B2B projects in the role of Senior Art Director.  Combining a passion for graphics and design with the corporate world, in recent years he has concentrated increasingly on the development of multi-channel projects, including corporate websites, brochures, Interactive reports with a focus on sustainability, Investor Relations and Annual Reports. In 2020 he joined Common as Senior Art Director closely supervising the creative team.

Mauro Cappelletti


Multi-disciplinary Art Director passionate about telling stories through original creative contents, he works internationally with a wide range of clients and brands on the development of digital campaigns, commercials, editorial formats and events. He signed works in different countries including China, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Japan and Usa. Professor @ Istituto Marangoni (Milano) and IAAD (Bologna). Daniele joined the Common creative team in 2021.

Daniele Desperati


He has worked as a copywriter for over 15 years on multi-channel projects for international brands. He is specialised in studio naming and has a passion for radio, short films and short stories. He has played water polo in the UK, established a co-working space in Milan and writes songs in the basement. He has worked with Common since 2021, as a copywriter with expertise in sustainability, storytelling, creative and institutional communication.

Paolo Mensitieri


Since 2018 Agnese has managed communication projects as Social Media and Account Manager, combining her passion for writing with digital skills. In recent years Agnese has worked as a Copywriter and Consultant for communication in various companies and creative agencies. Since 2022 she has been working with Common in the role of copywriter and providing support with social activities, thanks to her experience in corporate and creative settings.

Agnese Collabolletta


Since 2019 Alessandro has worked on communication projects as an illustrator and graphic designer, combining his passion for graphics with that for illustration. In 2020 he joined the world of editing as Art Director and Editor for an independent magazine focused on illustration. Since 2021 he has been supporting Common’s graphics team in the design and development of visual contents.

Alessandro Moretti


Since 2014 Massimiliano has been involved with corporate communication projects as creative coordinator, as well as graphic designer with a focus on illustration. In recent years he has assisted Common devoting himself to the design and creation of unique visual contents and the production of motion graphics videos for corporate projects, specifically related to the world of sustainability.

Massimiliano Marzucco


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