We have worked to support the Elica Group, global leader in the kitchen hoods and electric motors for household appliances sectors, in the creation of their 2022 Sustainability Report, an important Document aimed at all stakeholders with a focus on a path of growth, as well as sustainability to serve as an inspiration for the future generations.

The study of the concept: aspire to change, inspire the future

“Aspira, ispira” is a concept that guided the storytelling and the visual system created, as well as the title of this project. Both a playful and evocative title that seamlessly integrates Elica’s identity, linking the primary function of the extraction of air from kitchen hoods, with the philosophy that has guided the Group: the ability to inspire through the creation of innovative and sustainable solutions for the future.

A storytelling develops at the beginning of each macro section through headlines and abstracts that illustrate Elica’s commitment and vision in the sustainability field. A visual system capable of enhancing narration through images has been designed to support the storytelling. In particular, each chapter opening is accompanied with a graphic detailing natural elements that intersect perfectly with Elica products, ensuring conveyance of the Group’s corporate identity while underpinning its commitment to sustainability.

The declination for social media platforms

We have built a targeted editorial plan, highly scrutinising composition and graphic creation of posts, to facilitate the distribution of the Sustainability Report on LinkedIn. Content has been designed to summarise all main sections of the Report, as well as helping to effectively promote the group’s vision to a wider number of stakeholders.

To complete this project, layouts were created in order to embellish the section dedicated to sustainability on the Elica corporate website. Starting with the brochure, we created a coherent and functional layout by rearranging the graphic elements, therefore ensuring the information is both easily accessed online while enriching the storytelling of the dedicated sections.